Have you ever wanted support a charity, but either didn’t have money or know how you could help?

Introducing more than just a FREE game. Not only is the Match-It game fundraising for your non-profit cause made simple, but a way to be rewarded for your efforts helping others. We have designed a FREE way for Portal App users to support major charities, personal causes and fundraising groups with our 100% FREE app. There is zero out of pocket cost Portal App users and completely supported by our sponsors.

The exciting part about the Match-It, is when users share the app, they increase exponentially their chances of winning cash. See the Join Us tab inside the app for details.

The Match-It Game is nestled within the AppTech Portal App simply as a means to proliferate its growth. The Apptech Portal App has many great features like the Help A Friend, i-Wish & Be Rewarded functions all are free. Guess what? To support your favorite charities and win money for yourself, all you need to do is share the app and spend a few moments each day playing in the FREE Match-It Game. Would you spend a few moments a day to support your favorite charity?

Inside the AppTech Portal App are links to select the charity individual App users desire to support. There are two different ways to support charity. There are 50/50 charities, these are major charities who have met company criteria ready for app user selection. When App users select one of the major charities, AppTech will send that charity a check in the App users name automatically. The second way is to write in a local non-profit organization to support an additional charity. This is what we define as a “personal charity”. This is a charity that you would like to personally support. App users can write in these charities. Currently, the charity name, address and phone number are required. All charities written into the Portal system will be verified and must be non-profit entities. *See Terms & Conditions.

When you help spread the word about the app, via its share functions, everyone wins. Yes, that’s right, because you invited them to the AppTech Portal App, when your friends win, you win, and personal charities win also.

How is funding this free game possible? This game is all about charity. Our sponsors advertise within the game, this created revenue is paid into charity and the Lifelines when App Users win the Match-It game. As a matter of fact, every dollar that comes in to AppTech from advertisement within the Match-It game gets paid into winnings. Here’s the great thing, App users, if they choose to, can enhance their profile by sharing with us products, services and other areas in which they have an interest. We then can customize the type of advertisement that each individual will see.

Invite your friends and Play in the FREE Match-It Game today.