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The Portal Features


Free Order Tracker

A new and unique way to receive and track orders in real-time and use photo and video notifications to make your customers feel safer using your business.

Get feedback from customized customer surveys

Be Rewarded is a rewards program that benefits both the business and the customer.

Thank You Message Program

AppTech Gateway is now introducing you to the first ever live interactive video “Thank You”

Live lead generation for less than $199.95 a month

Our Apptech Gateway Dashboard offers a feature that allows the business owner to view all of our app users all over the world.

Low-cost advertising less than, you’ve ever paid before

Match-It is a Free, easy and fun game with a unique way to win money not only for you but for charity too.

Email Campaign

This program allows you to upload your database of contacts (up to 5000) for promotional emails and can be used like a Newsletter and set up to go out daily, weekly, or monthly to your customers.

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Download the Portal App FREE Today.

Available Features

Invite at least 3 friends to become your lifelines to help you locate and ring your phone if lost. They can also do the same by sending you an invitation so that you can help them if they lose their phone.

If you leave your phone in a Rideshare or Taxi Cab contact a lifeline to activate the siren and recorded audio to alert someone to find your phone. A screen with your name and instructions will then be activated so the finder knows how to contact you. You can also go to www.lostphoneringer.com and enter your username and pin # to alert the driver yourself.

Left your phone on silent and don't know where to find it? Let a lifeline know and they can activate it for you! You can also go to www.lostphoneringer.com and enter your username and pin # to activate it yourself. Phone Ringer has a similar setup as Stop! My Phone. The difference is you can choose how your phone will sound when activated.

Never Lose Track Of Your Order! With today's pandemic SAFETY is #1. Ordering from a local business is almost impossible. Introducing the new FREE App featuring: Free Order Tracker. A new and unique way to track your orders by text and video notifications. The Order Tracker connects you to thousands of participating local and national businesses. Giving you peace of mind you and your family are safe during this extremely scary time. It is NOT the responsibility of AppTech Gateway and this App to Send order notifications

Be Rewarded allows AppTech Portal users to take short 3-5 question surveys of their experiences at participating businesses. In return you may receive discounts or rewards. You can view all participating businesses near you either in a list or a map view within 0-50km.

Match-It also known as i-Play We Win is a FREE game where you can win money and help a National Charitable Cause. If you win, 50% will go to the National Cause you have chosen and 50% to you and your lifeline. You can also add a personal fundraising group so when you win, your personal charity wins too. This is the greatest fundraising program for everyone! Download now and start playing!

In emergency situations with just one click you can let your family and friends know how you are doing in a text or recorded audio message.

Listen to sample audio:


Has your business ever been affected by a negative review that someone posted without giving you a chance to address the problem? With our Be Rewarded program, you are able to interact live in real-time with your customers by rewarding them with discounts or free items for filling out a short survey. This allows you the opportunity to fix the problem immediately and increase your number of positive reviews.

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