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iWish Button

Dangerous events happen. One Click lets all your friends and family know that your out of harms way.

Be Rewarded

Customer's enjoy reward incentives for completing your custom surveys. Modify your company surveys at any time.

Phone Ringer

How many times have you misplaced or left behind your mobile while on vibrate or mute? We have the solution to retrieve your phone in all instances

Job Postings (Coming Soon)

In today’s fast paced economy, good positions become available.

Help A Friend

Help your friends and family find there lost or stolen phone with a shared username and PIN code.

Whisper (Coming Soon)

Know that your conversations are kept private with the most private encrypted chat tool on the internet.

Legacy Line (Coming Soon)

Chronicle your life. Pass your legacy. Record short videos stored forever accessible to your children's children or whomoever your designate.

i-Doc (Coming Soon)

Ensure that everything you own is properly documented for insurance with this automatic inventory tool.

Automed (Coming Soon)

Tired of filling out endless paperwork everytime you visit your doctor?

Match-It! i-PLAY WE WIN)

PLAY FREE, ‘i-Play We Win’, is the newest addition to the Portal App. Win cash prizes as little as a $1 to $100 or even possibly more. When you win, charity wins 50/50.

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Inspiration Behind The iWish
Our Founder, CEO and C.O.O. attended the Las Vegas Harvest Festival. The shooting inspired David Cutler to design a way to contact friends and family with "ONE CLICK".

Our CEO and founder, David Cutler and I, Chris Duzan, were at the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas. At 10:05 PM, I snapped a picture and group texted the photo to my family back east. Within that same minute, the shooting started. With no warning, we found ourselves in a major life changing event. People were trying to run away from the hail of bullets raining down.

Available Features

In the event of an emergency send an SOS message to your contacts list(s). Your pre-recorded audio message will be sent to whomever you add to your personal list(s) of friends or family with the press of a button. The sent message will deliver your exact GPS coordinates allowing you to be located in a catastrophic event. Sending GPS coordinates in the message will alert friends and family when you need help or to warn them to stay away from an active emergency. Make your selection and press SOS, your chosen group will receive your pre-written text or audio message.

Listen to sample audio:

Stay in a BE REWARED Hotel and receive fabulous incentives. Enjoy fantastic meals at participating restaurants. Our rewards program is like no other. You’ll receive incentives just for completing short 3 to 5 question multiple choice surveys at businesses which you are already using. When traveling abroad, find participating locations across the globe. It truly will be an adventure with The Portal, BE REWARDED discounts and incentives. We are in the process of finalizing our new points rewards program where each time you leave a survey for a BE REWARDED location, points will accumulate. You earn points redeemable for travel, hotel stays, dining and much more.

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you’ve left your phone behind? Maybe in an Uber or Lyft where your lifeline to the world can be difficult to retrieve? Or have you ever misplaced your phone while it’s on vibrate? You know you have used it since, but is it lost in the sofa cushions, behind the bed or under the seat in the car? It matters not any more. The Portal has a solution for you. Find out how The Portal App can ring your phone even while it’s on vibrate. You will love being able to ring your phone at any time with your very own unique pin. Download the Portal app FREE Today.

In today’s fast paced economy, good positions become available. Be the first to know when employment becomes available while you’re near a location with a newly available Job posting. The Portal will give you notification when you’re nearby.

Coming Soon Features

Know that your conversations are kept private with the most private encrypted chat tool on the internet.

Leave a lifetime of recorded memories for those you love. Record messages for your loved ones to be viewed upon your passing. Record special moments for future generations to see. Pass down your insights and wisdom to your family. Leave a legacy for your children’s children. Capture your pearls of wisdom for use in future generations. Designate a legacy contact to manage your account upon your passing and to follow your directives. Record the important things that you would like to say to each of your family and friends in the event of your death. Record your last will and testament. Create a ‘time capsule’ for future generations.

With the Automed, arriving early to fill out the same forms every time is a thing of the past. Automed allows you to save and update your medical information, including your medications, to a secure file on your device. Arrive at your appointment on time and with peace of mind knowing that you will not have to fill out the same stack of forms for the 10th time. Your private medical information is stored in an encrypted file on your device and never on our servers. You choose what information, and how, to submit to your medical provider allowing you to worry about one less thing when visiting your doctor.

Video document your home contents in case of loss. Take a walk-through video of your home and contents to be used as proof of purchase for insurance purposes in the event of loss due to fire, theft, flood or other natural disaster. Make sure you receive full value on all of your personal property. Ensures that you don’t forget to claim all of your property. Don’t waste time listing all of your personal property when you can video or photo it.

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Traumatic Events (Coming Soon)

Lessons Learned from The Route 91 Harvest Festival In Las Vegas. Having personally been at the above event, the spirit of humanity most definitely prevailed after such a tragic event. Hospitals were overrun as people brought wounded by the car and truck load even before emergency services were on the scene. I am the first to salute those on the ground who selflessly sacrificed bringing others to safety and all the medical personnel that gave aid. What a tremendous job in an impossible situation when the emergency room door opened, again and again with seemingly endless wounded. The Portal is committed to aiding in situations like this.

Where do you go for treatment in an emergency? Which hospital can provide care immediately? How do you find the proper level of care when care is critical? All Portal app users, including first responders can check our app to coordinate the most immediate services. App users will know quickly where to get the proper care during an emergency and will be able to see all hospitals who coordinate emergency services with us and medical provider bed availability including mapping to hospitals. Never again be caught in a life or death situation without a lifeline. The Portal app will give you direction during any emergency.

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